carta kraft goffrata + stampa a caldo nero
carta colorata in massa + stampa a caldo rosa metallizzato
PS03 carta laccata goffrata
PC04 carta laccata goffrata
PL05 carta laccata goffrata
PTV10 carta tipo seta + stampa a caldo argento
PC04 carta laccata goffrata + stampa a caldo argento
PFR01 carta goffrata righe + stampa a caldo con rilievo
PFR02 carta goffrata righe + stampa a caldo
PCPL01 carta plastificata lucida + stampa a caldo con rilievo
PML01 carta metallizzata lucida

To cover the inside of your box, we offer you the possibility to choose between a wide range of paper, from the most prestigious Italia and European paper factory, all certified FSC.
Smooth and pulp-coloured papers, give a simple and elegant image.
Embossed paper for the more sophisticated clientele.
Natural papers with ecological materials to sustain the environment. We offer the possibility to realize paper with unique embossing and exclusive colours made to order from the paper factory in accordance with the clients taste.
All boxes are made to measure.